The New Lexus NX Keeps you Informed, In Touch and In Tune with Smarter, Faster Connectivity

19 January 2022
  • All-new multimedia platform introduced in the Lexus NX with faster, more intuitive operation and increased functionality
  • Lexus Link Pro prestige system with 14-inch High Definition touch screen – one of the largest in the NX’s class
  • Up-to-the-moment journey information with cloud navigation as standard
  • New “Hey Lexus” assistant for easy natural voice commands
  • Ultimate convenience of over-the-air system updates
  • Four years’ connectivity subscription provided as standard

Connectivity is one of the top priorities for premium car customers, the ability to access information, communication and entertainment with seamless ease, at all times. Lexus has transformed performance in its all-new NX SUV with a new multimedia platform with 3.6 times faster operation and a 14-inch High Definition touch screen – one of the largest in the model’s segment.

Operation is fluid and response instant, with information presented in crisp graphics that are clear to read in all lighting conditions. It is on these sound foundations that Lexus has constructed its most extensive multimedia package yet, giving customers access to a wealth of functions and information sources to make every journey easier, smarter and better-connected.

The system gives access to cloud-based navigation, an “always connected” service that uses up-to-the-moment information on traffic flows and incidents and local intelligence, such as fuel prices and parking. The 14-inch Lexus Link Pro also has an embedded navigation system, so coverage is uninterrupted when cloud connection isn’t possible. Navigation instructions are given in a conversational style designed to be easier for the driver to recognise: for example, “turn right at the filling station.” The central touch screen is combined with physical buttons for the most frequently used functions. Intelligent design places the menu and control icons on the driver’s side of the screen.

The human-centred approach is also witnessed in the new “Hey Lexus” on-board assistant. This responds to voice commands to search the net, make calls and operate the audio and climate control. It is programmed to understand a natural, conversational style and comments such as “I’m cold” or “I’m hungry” – responding by closing the windows or suggesting nearby food outlets. It can determine whether it’s the driver of passenger who’s speaking and can still recognise commands when there’s background noise. It is programmed to understand 19 different European languages.

Using the vehicle’s data communications module (DCM), Lexus can provide multimedia software updates over the air, with no need for the vehicle owner to download files or take their car to a service centre.

Lexus provides easy smartphone integration using wireless Apple CarPlay or (wired) Android Auto connection. Customers can specify a wireless charging tray which charges 50 per cent quicker than before. More connection options are provided with four USB ports around the cabin – three USB-C suitable for charging and a USB-A port on the console for device connection.

The connectivity profile goes beyond the car itself: Lexus Link gives remote access to the vehicle using a smartphone app. Setting the climate control, locking and unlocking doors and triggering the hazard lights can all be accomplished remotely. The app also provides data on driving analytics, warning light information, coaching on hybrid car driving techniques and a “find my car” search function.

The new NX comes as standard with a four-year connection package, so there a no add-on costs when making full use of the multimedia system.

The 14-inch Lexus Link Pro is fitted as standard to the NX 350h and 450h+ F Sport and Takumi models, and is part of the Premium Plus Pack option for the entry level models. While it provides the most sophisticated multimedia experience, the standard 9.8-inch Lexus Link Connect fitted to the entry level NX versions is also completely new, with a platform that has 2.4 times the operating speed of Lexus’s previous system.

Human-centred, faster, more responsive and with greater functionality than ever before. the NX’s multimedia system delivers a new connectivity experience for the customer, built on Lexus’ commitment to advanced technologies.


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The New Lexus NX Keeps you Informed, In Touch and In Tune with Smarter, Faster Connectivity


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