Lexus Reveals We Are A Nation With Hurry Sickness

27 June 2003

How would you spend your time if you had an extra hour each day? With your nose in a novel, soaking in a hot bath, listening to music and sleeping rather than sex according to The Precious Time poll in association with Lexus published in The Observer this Sunday, 29 June.

Fifty two per cent of us would rather have more sleep than more sex if we had another hour in bed, which is not surprising if you know that 42 per cent regularly work more than 48 hours a week. Sixty five per cent rarely take a full hour’s lunch break according to the poll, which suggests it may be the intensity of work that depletes our energy leaving less enthusiasm for leisure pursuits rather than lack of time.

Perhaps the most disturbing finding in the poll is that friendships are being crushed in the great time squeeze. Half of us say that we have lost touch with friends because of the specific time pressures of work. The poll reveals that the nation recognises the need to slow down with 75 per cent preferring a four-day week to a 20 per cent pay rise.

The warning signs of hurry sickness

Do you:

  • Shower in less than 30 seconds?
  • Get irritated if it takes someone more than three rings to pick up their phone?
  • Have to do something else when you drive (listen to music)?
  • Eat at your desk?
  • Hate the time it takes for your computer to boot up?

The poll suggests we have become so used to the status and comfort of paid work that relaxation is becoming a lost art – why else would we need people to run relaxation classes for us?

Perhaps Lexus has found the solution with luxury cars that offer a cocoon from the outside world. If you have to spend time in a car why not make it one with whisper quiet engines, pin sharp stereo systems and even a soothing voice from the satellite navigation to remind you where to go.

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Note to Editors:

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  2. Key Findings:
  • 52% of us would rather have more sleep than more sex
  • 42% regularly work more than 48 hours a week
  • 65% rarely take a full hour’s lunch break
  • 50% have lost touch with friends due to time pressures
  • 75% would prefer a four-day week to a 20 per cent pay rise
  • 57% of women work longer hours than five years ago compared to 48% of men
  • 58% of women say work means they are often too tired to enjoy free time
  • 28% don’t take their full holiday entitlement each year
  • 45% would like to get more sleep, but don’t have the time
  • 42% had more sex five years ago
  • 71% do not regard the drive home from work as leisure time

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Lexus Reveals We Are A Nation With Hurry Sickness

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