Crafting the Lexus Driving Signature

8 March 2024

Every new Lexus model has a common defining character when it comes to the driving experience. When you take the wheel, the way the car responds and handles is instant, linear and faithful to your inputs. Smooth, engaging and consistent, these qualities combine in the Lexus Driving Signature.

Simply put, the Lexus Driving Signature is a guarantee of control, comfort and driver confidence in the vehicle’s behaviour at all times: whatever the road, whatever the journey, you feel at one with your car.

The concept was first developed with the LC, Lexus’s multi-award-winning flagship coupe which was introduced in 2017. Since then, it has evolved so that that regardless of vehicle type or size, the quality is consistent, reaping the benefits of each technical innovation.

Harnessing the potential of battery electric power

The successful incorporation of the latest technologies into the Lexus Driving Signature is clear to witness in the RZ 450e, Lexus’s first purpose-designed battery electric vehicle, where the all-new e-TNGA platform and DIRECT4 all-wheel drive torque control system contribute to enhanced steering feel, linear steering, braking and acceleration responses and ride comfort.

A first for Lexus, the e-TNGA platform offers ideal placement of mass and high-body rigidity, while locating the 96-cell lithium-ion battery pack beneath the vehicle floor helps secure a low centre of gravity. The steel platform’s weight-saving design and increased rigidity further contribute to a comfortable and quiet ride.

The DIRECT4 system optimises torque distribution between the front and rear eAxles so acceleration feels smooth and responsive. And with the benefit of the Active Hydraulic Booster-G (AHB-G) braking system, slowing the vehicle feels natural and composed.

Thanks to the Lexus Driving Signature, drivers of Lexus BEVs can expect an engaging drive that caters to their desires for luxury, performance and enjoyment.

The Tazuna concept cockpit

How the driver feels when they are sitting at the wheel is a key element in the Lexus Driving Signature. In 2021, Lexus introduced the Tazuna concept, a new approach to driver’s cockpit design. The all-new NX mid-size SUV was the first production model to adopt the concept, which since become a feature of all new Lexus vehicles.

In Japanese “tazuna” is a word that described how a rider uses small adjustments of the reins to control a horse. In the context of a Lexus, is reflects how the essential driving controls and information sources are arranged so that the driver needs only small, intuitive movements of hand or eye to operate them, helping keep their attention focused on the road ahead.

The driver’s sense of control and engagement is further supported by the total driving environment. That includes the size, shape, height and angle of the steering wheel, the position of the pedals, the breadth of view through the windscreen and side windows and the comfort, support and range adjustment provided by the driving seat. Each element is keenly scrutinised to achieve the optimum results for drivers of all sizes.

Size is no barrier

Size is no barrier to delivering the Lexus Driving Signature. The driving experience is central to the customer appeal of the all-new LBX, the most compact Lexus model yet. Extensive efforts were invested in the development programme to ensure the constant control, comfort and confidence of the Lexus Driving Signature are delivered in a small car package.

The range of measures included fundamental revisions to the car’s GA-B global platform, lengthening the wheelbase, widening the track, maintaining a low centre of gravity and increasing body rigidity. Packaging, suspension tuning, braking and steering all play their part in producing a car that responds instantly and faithfully to the driver’s inputs.


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Crafting the Lexus Driving Signature


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