Kyra Cleeton, the winner of the Lexus Tattooed Car competition, saw her Native American tribal design revealed as a vinyl wrap covering a full-size Lexus UX Hybrid SUV at a celebratory photoshoot.

The winning design was chosen from seven finalists in a knockout-style public voting contest that ran across Lexus’s Facebook and Instagram channels.  The competition was inspired by the creation of a tattooed UX by artist Claudia De Sabe.

Kyra’s design takes its inspiration from Native American tribal symbols and features a skull wearing a headdress, dreamcatchers and arrows. The dreamcatcher is a talisman that protects people from bad dreams. Arrows can be used to symbolise messages: when pointing to the left they are warding off evil; to the right signifies protection; and pointing down means peace. The headdress symbolises bravery and strength.

Kyra’s prize was a professional photoshoot with a Lexus UX that had been transformed using her design. She commented: “This is really cool. It’s amazing to see my own work on the car because it really brings it to life.”

Kyra, 19, is from Cannock in Staffordshire.  In September she will be going to Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland to study Game Design, having previously spent three months as an apprentice tattoo designer.

At the photoshoot Kyra talked about the challenges in creating her design: ”As I was using a laptop it was difficult to see the whole design as I was working on it,  so I constantly had to zoom in and out to get it exactly how I wanted, which could be frustrating. However, it helped me learn a lot more about size and scale, especially working with a car, which is a completely different canvas to what I am used to because it has so many shapes and curves. In total, it took me about three days to complete the design.”


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  • Kyra Cleeton, winner of the Lexus Tattooed Car competition, with a Lexus UX wrapped in her design

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  • Kyra Cleeton's winning tattooed car design, featured as a wrap on a Lexus UX

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  • Lexus UX transformed with Kyra Cleeton's winning tattoo design

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