Company car drivers have voted Lexus as the provider of the best fleet dealer network for both new vehicle sales and after sales in 2018.

It is the first time any motor manufacturer has topped both the new vehicle sales and after sales category in the Experteye Awards in the same year.

The Experteye award for best fleet dealer network (sales) goes to the manufacturer providing the best service to fleet drivers in the delivery of vehicles, reflecting the efforts made in meeting the needs of the fleet sector. The after sales award is for providing the best service to fleet drivers in the maintenance of vehicles.

The data was drawn from Touchpoint, Experteye’s driver satisfaction survey, which requests driver feedback after key events such as vehicle delivery, servicing, tyre replacement, windscreen and glass repair and replacement, vehicle breakdown, use of pool vehicles and procedures following an accident.

The driver data is not only important to motor manufacturers and dealerships, it also acts as an important tool for contract hire and fleet management providers to measure and manage their service levels, and those of their supplier network.

The Experteye awards cover nine different fleet and automotive award categories. Lexus won both of its accolades based on feedback drawn from more than 100,000 drivers of leased vehicles during 2017, making this a truly objective reflection of driver attitude.

“Topping both the sales and after sales category is a huge achievement, and we’d like to congratulate Lexus on something that’s never been done before,” said Experteye’s chairman and founder, Rick Yarrow. “Both categories are based purely on direct driver feedback, taken immediately after key events such as the delivery of their new vehicle, or a servicing and repair visit, making it a very tough one to win.

“At this time, the experience is fresh in drivers’ minds and we all know that they can be the toughest judges, which is why it is so impressive for Lexus to top both categories reflecting a complete proposition to its fleet customers in 2018.”

Ewan Shepherd, Director of Lexus in the UK said: “We have always recognised the importance of customer service as a cornerstone of the Lexus brand and it means a great deal that these awards are the result of direct feedback from company car drivers. The credit, however, goes to our retailer network, this success is testimony to the hard work, dedication and excellent customer service they provide on a daily basis.”

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