Original work to be premiered in St Petersburg, Russia, 12 to 25 October

Lexus is taking hybrid into the international art arena in the seventh annual Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition, featuring a new multimedia creation led by the celebrated Canadian writer, designer and journalist Douglas Coupland.

Coupland, author of the international cult novel Generation X, is presenting an installation in St Petersburg’s Manege Central Exhibition Hall that captures the theme of Anticipation. It promises to provide new scenarios for audience interaction, expanding the scope of established interactive and theatrical artistic forms.

The exhibition, running from 12 to 25 October, is curated by Marcello Dantas from Brazil. He explained how the concept of anticipating the demands and expectations of customers, a central quality in the development of Lexus vehicles and services, has inspired the way Lexus Hybrid Art 2016 will look to the future and explore the process of how anticipation is constructed.

Visitors to the show will participate collectively in the creation of an imaginary world, focusing on the power of human imagination to invent the future using technology in unexpected ways.

On the eve of the exhibition’s opening, Coupland and Dantas will take part in a public talk dedicated to the anticipation of discovery and chance in science, art, technology, design and society as a whole.


Note to editors

Lexus Hybrid Art: In the six years since its foundation, Lexus Hybrid Art has become one of the most remarkable art events in Russia. More than 70 artists have taken part, ranging from rising stars to key figures in the contemporary art world, including Bill Viola (USA), Julio Le Parc (Argentina), Ivan Navarro (Chile), Gary Hill (USA), Conrad Shawcross (UK) and the Marina Abramovich Institute. The exhibition is taking place in St Petersburg for the first time, having previously been staged in prestigious venues in Moscow.


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