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LC rocks up for mountain movie
The flagship Lexus LC coupe is celebrated in a new short film, shot using projection mapping technology on a massive scale in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Read and see more here.

Inside story
Looks, great, sounds magnificent, but how did the new Lexus LC make it from concept to production? The chief engineer and chief designer give the inside story on the most challenging Lexus project since the original LS. Read more here.

Festival line-up
Lexus has a bigger than ever presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. For all the highlights of what’s happening, read more here.

Now screening
The Sydney Film Festival delivered the first screening of the second movie to be completed in this year’s Lexus Short Films Series, MESSiAH, by Damian Walshe-Howling. Read more here.

From the blog: LC on tour
What happens when fashion designers apply their talents to creating a car? Lexus found out when it collaborated with fashion magazine WWD Japan to commission new interpretations of Lexus styling from two fashion houses. Read more here.

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