The arrival of the next new Lexus is now just four months away. The new NX, Lexus’s first mid-size crossover will reach the UK’s roads in October and prices and specifications for the full range have been announced today.

Look at any new Lexus and you can’t miss the “spindle” grille that has fast become a style hallmark for the brand. You can find out how the spindle shape started and how it has evolved with this insight into Lexus’s current design direction.

The RC F will add a new high performance dimension to the Lexus range at the turn of the year, a sports coupe that has set social media outlets buzzing since its motor show appearances in Detroit, Geneva and Beijing. Lexus has confirmed the RC F will be made available in the UK in a dazzling new orange paint finish and has turned to its online supporters to come up with a suitable name via its official Facebook page.

The lasting quality of a Lexus is reflected in exceptional pass rates when it comes to the MoT test for older vehicles, as noted by the consumer website Our official blog reported the news of a second year as the best performing brand here.

Did you know?

Lexus is the number one brand for customer satisfaction in Norway and Sweden, topping the AutoIndex survey for the third year in a row. It’s a comprehensive result, Lexus leading all four of the survey categories: cars, dealers, after sales service and loyalty.

Remember when?

In 2005 Lexus introduced its first hybrid to the UK market, the RX 400h. It was the beginning of a technological revolution which has since yielded hybrid versions of every model in the Lexus range.  The RX 400h can also be seen as a direct forerunner of the forthcoming NX, which adopts the latest generation of Lexus’s hybrid system in a more compact SUV crossover package.

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