British designer takes top place in Lexus’s international competition

Young British designer James Fox has won through from more than 1,100 entries to take one of the top two finalists in the 2014 Lexus Design Award.

His success earns him a trophy and cash support and professional mentoring to turn his winning concept into a full prototype that will exhibited in the Lexus exhibition at this year’s Milan Design Week.

The theme for this year’s award competition was Curiosity, which Fox interpreted with his submission, Macian, a den-building kit for children. He will now work with the respected architect Arthur Huang to create a prototype model based on his proposals.

Fox was chosen alongside German entrant Sebastian Scherer for the top prize. Scherer’s winning submission is Iris, a hand-blown glass lamp with iridescent finish. He will develop his exhibition prototype with games designer Robin Hunicke.

The 10 other award finalists will also be invited to show their concept proposals at the Lexus Design Amazing exhibition in Milan, on view from 8 to 13 April. The ideas submitted represent a wide range of design applications, including packaging, lighting, home furnishings and an interactive display.

More information about the Lexus Design Award and the Lexus Design Amazing exhibition can be found at www.lexus-int.com

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