First Intersect by Lexus to open in Tokyo

The doors will open at Intersect by Lexus on 30 August, a luxury brand experience space that celebrates the best in design, art, fashion, culture, film, music and technology.

Located in Tokyo’s Aoyama district, it is the first in what will be a collection of centres in selected cities worldwide where people can experience Lexus without getting behind the wheel of a car. Instead, Intersect by Lexus will offer everything from exhibitions on car culture to world-class coffee.

Masamachi Katayama, a world-renowned interior designer and founder of the design group Wonderwall, is creating the spaces, ensuring that they capture the spirit of Lexus’s Amazing in Motion philosophy in their appearance and their layout.

The Tokyo centre features the Garage exhibition area and a café on the ground floor. On the upper storey a Crafted for Lexus shop offers a lifestyle collection produced by brands that reflect and harmonise with Lexus’s values of craftsmanship and luxury. There is also a library lounge, where visitors can relax and enjoy modern Tokyo cuisine, and Lexus proposes to host a programme of brand workshops and exhibitions at the venue.

Mark Templin, Executive Vice President of Lexus International, said: “Intersect by Lexus seeks to be a comfortable and inspiring place. It’s not just for Lexus as a car company, but somewhere people can come and experience and learn about exciting new design in a welcoming, contemporary environment.”

Further Intersect by Lexus centres are being proposed for New York and Dubai; further details will appear on and


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