Lexus has seen off all competition to emerge with the highest approval ratings in the annual Fleet Operators Attitude Survey for the third year running. Both in terms of UK fleet managers’ relationship with the national network of centres and with the manufacturer itself, Lexus was ranked first.

It’s an unmatched achievement and one which demonstrates how Lexus continues to set the industry standards for customer care and service.

The sixth annual independent survey, conducted by Sewells, gathered responses from 646 fleet managers, who between them are responsible for more than 248,000 vehicles. Lexus’s success placed it first among 21 manufacturers, including prestige competitors such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar.

Key areas in which Lexus centres perform strongly in the opinion of the respondents are their ability to meet deadlines and keep promises and to solve problems quickly. As a manufacturer, Lexus was rated the best in terms of customer problem solving, the effectiveness of its fleet programme and the competence of its fleet personnel.

Andy Simpson, Lexus National Corporate and Remarketing Manager, said: “To achieve this result three years running shows how Lexus continues to develop and refine its operations to deliver ever-higher standards. Success in an independent survey of this kind is dependent on a clear vision of our customers’ requirements and the ability to implement strategies that not only meet, but surpass their expectations.”


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