Lexus’ bold refranchising programme is on course with 10 completely new or substantially refurbished Lexus Centres now open and doing business. A further four are due to open before the end of March.

Of the 14, half have been built by partners new to Lexus, a franchise that saw volume grow by 111% in 1999. The latest partner to join the family is Lexus Dorset, previously Westover Sports Cars.

“We saw this as the last opportunity in the UK to be in on the ground floor with a quality marque,” explained Peter Wood, Chairman of Westover Group. “The Lexus franchise fits in with our company’s objective to provide customers with a choice of quality cars in the Dorset area.”

Later this year the successful IS200 executive saloon will be joined by the RX300 sport utility vehicle and LS430 luxury saloon, giving Lexus the freshest range of any executive/luxury brand.

“We have completed the construction of 10 new facilities and a further four facilities are virtually complete or will be complete by March,” explained Jan Kidacki, Dealer Representation Manager for Lexus GB. “These 14 facilities will be responsible for approximately one third of our new car sales volume.

“Companies such as Westover are attracted to the Lexus franchise because of the strong new product launch programme, the obvious commitment we at Lexus GB are putting in and the record of success in the USA where Lexus is now the number one luxury brand,” said Kidacki.

Fifty new Lexus Centres are planned for the UK, the large majority to be open by the middle of 2001.

Lexus Centres already open:

  1. Lexus Bristol
  2. Lexus Glasgow
  3. Lexus Bolton
  4. Lexus Manchester
  5. Lexus Exeter
  6. Lexus Leeds
  7. Lexus Newcastle
  8. Lexus Guildford
  9. Lexus Isle of Man
  10. Lexus Norfolk (in Norwich)

Lexus Centres to open in March:

Aberdeen, St Albans, Woodford (Essex) and Hadley (Sussex)


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