New Compact Sport Sedan Debuts at the LA Auto Show

Lexus will expand its award-winning line of luxury automobiles and sport utility vehicles with the all-new IS300, which will make its world debut at a press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Jan. 7, 2000 at 11:25 a.m. PST.

The new car, due to arrive in North American Lexus showrooms in July as a 2001 model, will feature a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a sophisticated rear-wheel drive chassis design. Positioned below the Lexus GS luxury models, the IS300 will compete with such established sport saloons as the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series.

The introduction of the IS300 – so far only for the US market, Europe has the IS200 – will give Lexus North America two distinct “entry” products to reach two different buyer groups. The rear wheel-drive IS300 will offer renowned Lexus quality, craftsmanship, safety, and attention to detail in a boldly styled, fun-to-drive, high-performance package. The highly successful front wheel-drive ES300 entry-luxury sedan will continue to cater to buyers who prefer elegant styling, a quiet ride and a roomier, more luxurious interior.

“The new IS300 will appeal to buyers who value athletic performance and bold design over pure luxury,” said Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager Bryan Bergsteinsson. “In many ways, the new IS300 is close in character to the GS400, the performance leader of the Lexus line.”


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