The New Toyota Yaris has been declared the best small car in the AA/Good Housekeeping Woman-Friendly Car Awards. It was praised for its low cost of running, high level of standard equipment and nippy performance.

The magazine conducted a huge poll of readers to learn what women really want in a car, which revealed some interesting facts that are published in the October edition of Good Housekeeping magazine.

What women don’t want is an awkward driving position, steep set pedals, high tailgates and fingernail-snapping door handles, according to Good Housekeeping. Neither are they much impressed by engine power as safety emerges higher on the wish list. Indeed, it is a prime consideration for 57 per cent. Comfort and economy come next. Little wonder that the petrol sipping 1.0 litre Yaris with its huge interior and high driving position stood out from the small car crowd.

If they could have whatever they wished for, most women asked for a space specifically to stow a handbag. A cliché it may be, but virtually every woman carries a bag and they want a well-designed place for it to be safely tucked away. They also asked for a boot designed to stop the shopping spilling out of bags on the way home.

Features women are prepared to pay extra for are: power steering (85 per cent); central locking (64 per cent); engine immobiliser (59 per cent); electric windows (55 per cent) and twin front airbags (54 per cent).

Again, Yaris is the natural choice as all of the above come as standard on all bar the cheapest model in the range.

There were also a few ideas that even Yaris can’t match, like soundproofing around the driver to keep out the noise of squabbling children. Some even asked for a ‘sorry’ sign that could be lit up to apologise for inadvertent misdemeanours.

The Yaris range starts at £7,445 on the road and new 1.3 litre and cavernous mini-MPV versions will be unveiled at the London Motor Show at Earls Court on 21 October.


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