Lexus joins forces with award-winning producer to challenge fans to Make Your Mark to celebrate the launch of the new LC luxury coupe

Lexus and Mark Ronson today unveiled a short film collaboration through which music and car fans alike have the chance to take the LC coupe driving experience to another level, scoring their own soundtrack to the drive using exclusive music stems produced by Ronson in the studio.

Viewers have the opportunity to become DJs themselves by accessing a bespoke platform to create a track using the industry-leading Novation Launchpad music sequencer. The content has been inspired by Lexus’s ground-breaking new LC luxury coupe and the sights and sounds of Ibiza, one of the world’s most famous music hotspots.

Ronson, an avid driving fan, has created a track for his own version of the drive, providing inspiration for others taking on the challenge, available to view here.

Ibiza was the perfect location in which to showcase Lexus’s ambition to create amazing experiences in music, art and technology, an island celebrated for its musical heritage and host to some of the world’s most innovative artists. Its coastal roads and the backdrop of the Mediterranean also provided a perfect setting in which to present the superb design and performance of the new LC.

The LC immersive driving experience is the latest phase in the Make Your Mark campaign, which over the next five months will give consumers and fans hands-on opportunities to access exciting content and amazing experiences.

The new LC is a figurehead for Lexus’s evolving vehicle development culture, a car that has been created through unprecedented close collaboration between design and engineering teams. Just like the original LF-LC concept car on which it is closely modelled, the LC has been honoured with an EyesOn Design award for its striking, no-compromise styling.

To score your own track for the LC driving experience go to

For more images of Mark Ronson and Lexus LC click here.

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  • Lexus and Mark Ronson Invite Fans to Produce Their Own Track to the Ultimate Driving Experience

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  • Lexus and Mark Ronson Invite Fans to Produce Their Own Track to the Ultimate Driving Experience

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